What to Expect


As a new patient you will be invited to book an Initial Consultation with us. The Initial Patient Consultation is designed specifically to identify and diagnose the root cause of your issue.

Your first appointment

Your first appointment with our Osteopath will be an initial assessment, which takes roughly around 60 minutes.

When first entering the clinic, you will be greeted by one of our members of staff. Our osteopath will then come and collect you from reception and lead you to the treatment room.

Our osteopath will start by asking about your presenting issue, previous medical history and family history followed by relevant screening questions.


You will be further examined by the osteopath through the process of physical examinations, gait analysis, systems and neurological tests, and additional orthopaedic tests if deemed necessary. Our osteopath will examine you holistically meaning he will not just examine area where the pain is.

Additionally, our osteopath will look for indications of serious problems they cannot treat and may advise that you consult with your doctor or seek further medical assistance. If necessary, we will issue a letter outlining the findings and the clinical relevance regarding the test results and issues presented.

To examine you properly, it is likely our osteopath may ask you to remove some of your clothing. Tell our osteopath if you are uncomfortable with this. We suggest bringing shorts and a vest top if more comfortable).


A Report of Findings will be provided in which we take the time to go over all of your results in detail and collaborate with you to choose the best course of treatment or plan of action to alleviate your pain or condition and improve your health. We will also supply a tailored exercises plan when necessary to do so. This will follow our specific step by step principles to get you out of pain.