Shoulder, and Arm Pain

Shoulder, and Arm Pain

Neck, shoulder, and arm pain is a common complaint we see as Osteopaths here at Governing Function. Very often these issues come hand in hand. Shoulder pain can have a multitude of causes from nerve impingement, muscles, joints, or tendons within the shoulder complex itself, or referred from the neck, upper back, or ribs.

Our priority is to identify the root cause of pain and determine if there is true structural damage to the surrounding tissues including the muscles, bones, ligaments, joints, and nerves. Without the presence of any true structural “Damage” pain is attributed to the compensatory solution the Brain and Nervous System have created to protect you (Often due to Past Injuries).

At Governing Function, we will assess you through a full series of testing including:

  • Posture Analysis
  • Joint Range of Motion (Active + Passive examination)
  • Neurological Testing
  • Orthopaedic Testing
  • Manual Muscle Testing

However, sometimes shoulder pain is not due to a problem in the shoulder, upper back, or neck but is referred pain from an internal organ such as the heart, liver, or gallbladder. If after testing and your case history, we believe this to be the case we will refer you for further examination.

Usually, this is not the case. So here at Governing Function in the absence of serious structural damage, we will not only be able to treat your issue but will additionally be able to improve the way your body functions and improve your performance by providing the best up-to-date osteopathic manual therapy, education and advice, and a personalised rehabilitation and strengthening program.